Market Solution

We develop and sell high-quality IT solutions for various b2b companies from all over the world in particular: development of trading platforms, CDM, data processing software and a wide range of solutions for data integration with customers software.


Our software supports many foreign languages. The main users of the software are organizations related to marketing, IT, fintech and trading.

Optimize your decision-making

According to the statistics, working with Market Solutions increases the profitability by 63%.

Control high-risk and big user performance

High-quality risk management of Market Solutions allows to make necessary decisions in due time and protect yourself from potential losses.


Market Solutions CRM is a service for managing the client base that is focused on the improving the performance and quality of the client service. The combination of standard functionality and progressive attitude allowed us to create a tool that makes the entire working cycle as simple and open as possible.

Full data access

Information about the client is available for viewing and editing to various employees and departments.

It’s a “one- stop- shop”

Information about the client is available for viewing and editing to various employees and departments.

Security and compartmentalization

The CRM security system provides a reliable protection of the confidential information located in the database.

Trading platform

Our solutions allow our clients to open trade transactions and earn an income from any part of the world.

Various functionalities

Our solutions put into practice the entire trade cycle, including the opening of a deposit, the receipt of trading signals and the fulfillment of trading operations.

Technologically advanced

The high productivity of our solutions is provided by advanced technological solutions in the software development and creation.

Fully integrated with CRM

Products from Market Solutions successfully interact with each other. CRM and Trading Platform together is an effective system to manage business processes.

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